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Sustanon ONLY cycle

Sustanon ONLY cycle

Sustanon 250mg 2x/wk for 12 weeks- So 500mg/wk total
*one injection Monday morning the other Thursday night

3 weeks after last shot:
Days 1 - 7 = 150mg clomid/20mg Nolva
Days 8 - 21 = 50mg Clomid/20mg Nolva
Days 22 - 28 = 20mg Nolva

You will receive:

24x Sustanon 250 from Organon, Pakistan, 250mg/ml (1ml)
1x Tamoxifen tablets (nolvadex) from Genesis
1x Clomiphene tablets from Genesis, 50mg/tab (50tabs)

Manufacturer: Organon, Pakistan + Genesis

Your price: 220.00 USD