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Arnold Schwarzenegers cycle

Arnold Schwarzenegers cycle

W 01----600mg / week----60mg / day
W 02----600mg / week----60mg / day
W 03----600mg / week----60mg / day
W 04----600mg / week----60mg / day
W 05----600mg / week----60mg / day
W 06----800mg / week----80mg / day
W 07----800mg / week----80mg / day
W 08----800mg / week----80mg / day
W 09----800mg / week----80mg / day
W 10----800mg / week----80mg / day
W 11----1000mg / week----100mg / day
W 12----1000mg / week----100mg / day
W 13----1000mg / week----100mg / day
W 14----1000mg / week----100mg / day
W 15----800mg / week----80mg / day
W 16----800mg / week----80mg / day
W 17----800mg / week----80mg / day
W 18----600mg / week----60mg / day
W 19----600mg / week----60mg / day
W 20----600mg / week----60mg / day

--------BRIDGE--------- -

W 21------------30mg / day------200mg / week
W 22------------30mg / day------200mg / week
W 23------------30mg / day------200mg / week
W 24------------30mg / day------200mg / week
W 25------------30mg / day------200mg / week
W 26------------30mg / day------200mg / week

-------PLUS! START CYCLE (1-20) AGAIN---------

In our current time, the Arnolds cycle would seem a bit crazy. But, in Arnolds days, pyramiding was considered as an standard cycle. Steroid users didnt realize that even if you pyramid, the half-life of a compound does not change nor do the natural testosterone levels recover. Pyramiding is a total waste of time, but these guys were ignorant to this fact. At the end, testosterone wasnt available as it is today, so Schwarzeneger had no access to it. Therefore, his cycles were mostly three compounds used creatively.

(PLUS! START CYCLE (1-20) is not included in the ORDER!!!!


13x Primobolan injection, Genesis= 1677 USD
3x Danabol DS= 357 USD
1x Nandrolone decanoate, Genesis= 74 USD

TOTAL with \"CYCLE\" discount= 1180 USD

Manufacturer: Genesis

Your price: 1180.00 USD