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Bulk Cycle for Beginners

Bulk Cycle for Beginners

This is a 12 weeks Testosterone cycle with Danabol for better effect in the beginning.
We recommend injecting Testosterone enanthate at dosage of 500mg/week split into 2 injections (Monday and Friday). Split 500mg of Testosterone to 2 injections per week will keep the level more stable. In the same time we start using 40mg of Methandienone(Danabol) per day during six weeks time period.

After this bulk cycle it is time for Tamoxifen. We will use 20mg of Tamoxifene citrate during 14th-17th week. Tamoxifen will stop estrogens effects in the body.

You will receive:
1x Danabol DS box, 10mg/500tabs
24x Testosterone Depo Galenika 250mg/amp
1x Tamoxifene citrate box, 10mg/100tabs

Manufacturer: Galenika & Genesis

Your price: 310.00 USD