Steroids VS Women
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Steroids in Women 

Steroids are compounds created mainly to build muscle at a faster rate than what normal exercise would allow. Most steroids contain carbon and other chemicals which have been focused on creating faster muscle growth. The use of some steroids has been banned. However, when people want to use them for purposes of their own rather than for competitive sport, they can use them the way they want. In women, the use of steroids to build muscles and enhance physical activity has some advantages and disadvantages which we shall deal with here.

Advantages of Steroids in Women  

The advantages of steroids in women are similar to those in men and include;

   Faster Body Growth

When one uses steroids, their body will generally grow faster than if they had not used the steroids. This aspect can be noticed especially when height is considered. Given that steroids generally stimulate growth in all parts of the body, most women will see quick results given that the bodies of most women, being tender compared to those of men will respond faster to the steroids than what would occur in men.

   Increase in Stamina and Strength

When one combines exercise with the use of steroids, they will likely have a faster increase in their strength and stamina. This aspect is good for sporting activities although steroids could land the athlete a ban if they are discovered. Women who work out will benefit from steroids given that they allow them become stronger at a faster rate than what would have happened without steroids. One has to be careful to combine the right amounts of steroids with exercise for the best results. Otherwise, the results may not be easily visible even after long use of the steroids of choice.

   Faster Rate of Recovery

Steroids are made up of compounds that are meant to build tissues, muscles and other parts of the body. For this reason, when someone gets injured, they will be instrumental in ensuring that they heal faster. Say a person tears their muscle or tendon. Usually, they would be given a period of time to heal according to the normal rate of healing. With steroids, however, one can reduce the healing period even up to a half of it. The damaged part of the body will grow back at a faster rate when the right amount of steroids is used.

Disadvantages of Steroids in Women  

Having focused on the advantages, let us now deal with the disadvantages of steroid use in women.

   Mood Disturbances; steroids have been proven to cause great disturbances in the moods of the women who use them for exercise purposes. While in some women the effects are mild, some often go into feats of rage to the extent that they may harm those around them. Without the proper care, one could easily see the effects of steroids make them suicidal. When used for a long time, they can also make the user delusional.

   Abnormal Growth; there are very many abnormal growths that can occur in women who use steroids. For example, they can have growth of hair on their faces which is abnormal for women. Besides that, their body parts may become manly such as through the loss of breasts and replacement with muscles. They can also see a change in their voices to be manly especially when the steroids have been in use for a long time. Their menstrual cycles may also be heavily hampered by the steroids to the extent that they may disappear altogether.

   Injuries; when one uses steroids for a long time, the effect may be that their bodies began rejecting the steroids. For example, one may start bleeding through the nose for long periods of time. Losing blood when exercising will likely lead to anemia or other similar disease. Long steroid uses will be met with increase in muscle tearing, tendon injuries and other damages to the body. Some cases have reported insomnia and aching joints after using the steroids for long.

All these effects can be done away with if the right amounts and type of steroids are used. Trying to grow muscles and stamina too fast will only lead side effects.