Winter Olympic Games and Steroids (Doping)
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Winter Olympic Games and Doping!

When compared to summer Olympic, winter Olympics has a lower test positive for steroid use. According to recent studies, Summer Olympic Games held in Beijing and London had a total of 34 scandals. What accounts to this difference?

Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple. Winter Olympians are more reliable and cleaner. It appears naïve to believe that Winter Olympians are clean and less vulnerable to the use of steroids. Especially when there are abundant claims of an undetectable steroid going around Sochi. This raises a new question: What happens during Winter Olympic Games?

Two obvious answers behind the negligible use of steroids during Winter Olympics are:

  1. Winter Olympians are not allowed to use a wide range of substances.
  2. Winter Olympians might be smarter and better with their drugs.

Reason #1 – Limited access to prohibited substances

John Fahey, the former president of World Anti-Doping Agency believes that drug tests wouldn’t stop sportsmen from doping. Testing has little impact on the use of drugs.

Winter Olympians are believed to be less vulnerable to steroids. This is a common myth around technical games. That is because drugs have minimal impact on their performance. Some athletes reveal that doping cannot and will not change final results. Performance depends on many other factors. It cannot be improved by doping.

On the other hand, some players reveal that doping is common among ballet dancers. Some claim that skaters are likely to use steroids. A major reason behind the increase and need for stimulants is “Weight Control”.

The Science behind Winter Sports

When compared to summer Olympics, the winter games are more challenging. The science behind winter games is interesting. Perhaps, this is why winter Olympians are not expected to dope. In fact, substances that can boost your performance during Winter Olympic Games are systematically removed from the list of prohibited drugs. This makes life simpler for most winter Olympians. A major reason behind this systematic trick would be “economic value”.

Winter Olympic Games have a marginal economic impact than its counterpart. The winter games offer fewer incentives since the medal carries less value.

Reason #2 – Better at Doping?

On the other hand, are Winter Olympians better at doping? Or, can they beat test results easily? With respect to testing steroids, the WADA fails drastically during winter games. It has failed to maintain consistency in its anti-doping practices and policies.

Usually, the positive test rate during Winter Olympic Games is around 1.2%.