The British Dispensary
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The British Dispensary

The British Dispensary was instituted in 1892 by Dr. Thomas Hayward.


This was a store that offered modern drugs, as well as full time pharmacist. In 1928, Dr. Luan took over the leadership of British Dispensary and he expanded the business to the distributers of international brands such as Christian Dior, Boots, etc. After a research on various consumer products, Dr. Luan came up with cooling powder. The company started producing “Quina” products, and in 1951 it introduced a new product known as St. Luke’s Baby Powder. Soon after, the company developed other products such as “St. Luke’s Baby Powder”. The British Dispensary set up a factory in 1963 that concentrated on the production of personal care and health care products so as to serve in the production of quality products under international standards. Products by British Dispensary faced competition from a company known as British Dragon that was an underground steroid manufacturing entity. British Dragon copied Thai Anabol that was a product produced by British Dispensary. The copy produced by British Dragon was so excellent that The British Dispensary started pressing their logo in their tablets so as to differentiate them from counterfeits produced by British Dragon.


In the year 2000, United States and Thai authorities cooperated to shut down pharmacies that traded online, and ones that sold prescription drugs illegally to US customers. These pharmacies sold drugs such as Viagra and anabolic steroids. After this operation that led to many changes in the operations of pharmacies, The British Dispensary did a brand modernization operation and it continued to launch new products all through. The company also appointed a sole distributor in Thailand. Presently, The British Dispensary consists of four companies. These companies in clued The British Dispensary Company Limited, The British Dispensary (LP), British Dispensary Consumer Public Company Limited, and British Dispensary Health Care Company Limited.