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The primary androgen is testosterone. Nearly every synthetic AAS (Anabolic / Androgenic Steroids) are chemical forms of testosterone and therefore a lot of the characteristics apply to them likewise. But not all! Testosterone has 2 distinct features or effects:


1. it has anabolic features (tissue making) which express themselves as Expanded and accelerated muscle tissue growing which directs to quicker recovery time after training, illness, and hurts, and to a faster "regeneration" of the body. Its because an anabolic response directs to the promotion of protein synthesis and tissue repair or growth.


2. androgenic features or effects which are generally named as secondary man features that raise sexual behavior, libido, growing and maturing of the penis, body hair, beard growth, deeper voice, aggression, and formation and maturation of sperm. And of course,  Expanded production of the sebaceous gland and pimples.


It's primary to realize the difference between free/active testosterone and bound/inactive testosterone/AAS . Bound testosterone is passive because it's bound to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and to a small degree, albumin. The sex-steroid atoms are bound by SHBG held in the blood, which keeps them from fitting into their receptors. Free (unbound/active) testosterone is capable to transfer its Features because it fits into receptors. Bound testosterone matches around 97-99% of Full testosterone circulation while free testosterone matches 1-3% of entire testosterone. That doesn't sound a lot, but still 0.1 - 0.3 mg of free testosterone has a Batch of single separate molecules. And 1 molecule may activate all receptorsite it attaches to.


Man have a entire testosterone reference range of 225-950 ng/dl. Free testosterone reference rate for man is 1-3% of the entire testosterone reference range.


Womans have a entire testosterone reference range of 14-76 ng/dl and a free testosterone reference range of 0.5-1.8 ng/dl.


Bound testosterone may be loose due to metabolic requirements and another steroid molecules. And both endogenous and exogenous Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids could react differently to SHBG. Because of this cause a few synthetic AAS could change the ratio for some another free and/or bound androgenic levels.


As can prohormones and a few minerals such as zinc, copper, and magnesium. Steroid molecules are unique to their individual cell receptors. This means Just testosterone/androgen/AAS molecules could fit into (and carry their respective Substance) testosterone/androgen receptor-sites. This is due to shape and sizing a lot like a key and a lock: a few keys could fit into a different locks, just only the correct key can fit in and activate the mechanism. Steroid molecules traveling through the blood flow and lymphatic system. This means that everywhere blood gets, the molecules are sure to Trace. Using muscle cells as an model, testosterone molecules circulate till they Get into touch with testosterone/androgen receptor-sites on the muscle cell. And so they lock together and they form a complex named (what other?) a steroid / receptor Composite. Instantly the complex goes to the cell nucleus where it may bond to particular sequences on the nucleic acid parts of desoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Here is where a transcription goes on and a template of the DNA is made, resulting in Messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA). The mRNA gets out of the cell nucleus and binds to/with RNA in the fluid section of the cell named the cytoplasm. Here a translation of the content happens and an growth in protein synthesis comes. There's a correlating reduction in catabolism also. This is because testosterone molecules could absorb cortisol receptorsites and stop them. Therefore cortisol can't come in to transfer its content. The results are growth! A simple-minded way of seeing at this is… you go to somebodys house to Give up a message and their dad relays it precisely, so the task gets finished.  Another laboratories in different bases use slightly various reference ranges. As example 300-1000ng/deciliter is a basic man reference range applied by local lab.