Steroids in sports
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Steroids in Sports

Sports & general athletics involve the pursuit of strength, speed, and explosiveness – all of which anabolic steroids help athletes reach those goals very well. Whether we like it or not, we have to face the reality: steroid use is here in sports, and it is here to stay. Whenever we see an individual reach a world record feat that we previously thought was unimaginable, we may sometimes wonder exactly is in their bathroom’s mirror cabinet and what they’re taking. It seems that every week, some of the best athletes the world  has ever seen are breaking world records left and right with no end in sight. Certainly, there are main factors that come into play with being successful in sports – hard work, persistence, consistency, time, and even good genetics are all within the equation of what makes a world class athlete. That being said, there is one factor that no one can deny works in making a athlete stronger beyond their natural limits: steroids.

Has your friend improved their total by 300 pounds in the gym while staying at the same weight class in the last 6 months? There are 3 scenarios possible here:

  1. Your friend is relatively new to weight training
  2. Your friend is genetically blessed in developing strength while building muscle and burning off fat simultaneously
  3.  Your friend is running 2 grams of Testosterone Enanthate, 1.2 grams of Deca, and 1 gram of Tren Acetate per week. All at the same time. In one cycle.

That is a rather extreme example, but hopefully you get my point. While I am the kind of guy who will take a lifter’s word for truth – I 100% believe that Ray Williams is drug-free, because he said so – you have to sometimes be able to see the smoke behind the mirrors. Lifters who use steroids have an edge on you, as they’re able to recover faster from training, put on muscle mass more quickly than you, and usually increase their total by large amounts on a consistent basis. That is not to say that an athlete who is natural has no chance against an aided athlete – we can all think of drug-free athletes who can destroy 99% of people in the field or on the platform. But the temptation of using steroids is very real, and if you’re reading this, you are most likely considering using steroids for the first time or are already using anabolics. This article series is intended for powerlifters who have not used steroids yet, or intermediate users who wish to expand their knowledge of using anabolics within the context of sports.

Because the use of anabolic steroids without a valid doctor’s prescription is illegal in the United States, I am forced to write anonymously in order to preserve some of my anonymity. I have personally been involved with the sport of powerlifting for nearly 8 years, and have competed actively for 6 of those years. Though I am technically an “elite” classified powerlifter – a classification set by powerlifting federations depending on weight class, based on your 3 lift total – my best raw total at the time of this writing is eclipsed by about 400 pounds from the current #1 world record holder. So while I am considered strong, I’m no strength freak or someone you would know (yet) from watching powerlifting headlines. I’m just your average guy who has a passion for powerlifting, just like you – and I have made plenty of mistakes just like you.loss

I have tried running steroid doses that were far too high than necessary for putting on strength, and thought that “more is better” when it comes to steroids. I am here to tell you right now that more is not better, smarter is better when it comes to drug use. Using anabolics comes with its health risks, and you don’t need to put your long term health on the line to get stronger. My objective of writing these series of articles is to not only educate you, but provide you with the framework that will lead to smarter & more responsible use of anabolics. For a sport that’s not going to make you any money, there is really no point in shortening your mortality or causing long term complications when you’re trying to bench 405 for the first time.

Steroids have a catch -  sure, you might improve in athleticism, but your health will take a turn for the worst. Steroids can cause liver damage, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, kidney problems, depression, and has been linked to cancer and premature death. They can also cause undesirable external changes such as acne, growth of breasts in men, baldness, facial hair in women, and jaundice (yellowing of skin). Always consult with a professional doctor before deciding to start anabolic steroids or any prescription drug.