Steroids and Kidney
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Anabolic Steroids and Kidney Function

If you ask a doctor whether steroids may damage kidneys, they would be quick to say “yes.” Medical specialists cannot risk; they need to raise awareness about the health risks of any given substance. On the other hand, if you ask someone with experience of using steroids, he or she may say that they are safe enough. So the question is that where is the truth?

Perhaps the truth is somewhere in between. Anabolic steroids are quite safe if taken in a proper way and if you allow your body to rest. Use them in cycles with ample rest/ off periods. Use post cycle therapy. More importantly, the duration of steroid use matters. Do not abuse them continually.

When on steroids, and doing an intensive workout, you also eat food rich in calories, nutrients. Muscles grow only on a high protein diet. During the periods of growth two organs have to work hard really. The liver is the chemical factory of our body, it manufactures necessary chemical and at the same time breaks unnecessary compounds.

What is the purpose

Kidneys help keep the blood clean of various byproducts of metabolic processes. It has to work hard to remove toxins. It is also responsible for managing the water balance in our body. It is involved in secreting hormones to meet the stress.

Just stated, any stressful situation would make kidneys work harder, if they overwork, the risk of damage increases.

Kidneys are rich in blood vessels as they filter blood. Any disease or substance bad for blood vessels is damaging to kidneys. Anabolic steroids are not suitable for vascular health. However, practical shows that most people can tolerate them well. Damage occurs only after prolonged use, or in certain individuals that are too sensitive.

It is not to say that steroids are safe. But it is also vital to present balanced information. Acute damage to kidneys due to steroids use is rare. However, an injury may occur if one continues to use steroids for a decade or longer. Research also indicates that in most cases this damage can be reversed by going off the steroids.

There has been lots of research into the subject. However, most of the research has failed to mention the mechanism of damage. Most opinions that steroids damage kidneys, are based on numerous small-scale studies done on those with a long history of abusing steroids. These were individuals who were continually exceeding recommended doses for years together.


It can be said that steroids, when used in recommended doses, are quite safe. Further, for kidney health, it is vital to be off cycle from time to time. When on steroids one should consume enough fluids, avoid taking too much of salt.

For experienced steroids users, it is vital to have a medical checkup for kidney function regularly. There are therapeutic drugs that help prevent damage to them. Moreover, in the majority of cases merely going off the steroids for few months may help make a recovery.