Steroid Myths Busted
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Steroid Myths Busted

Even as steroids become and more popular among bodybuilders around the world, the misinformation, or shall we say the propaganda against them only seems to get worse.

We look at some of the most pernicious myths surrounding steroids and tell you just why they are wrong. Let’s get started with the steroid myth busting!

Top 6 Steroid Myths Busted….


Myth: Steroids Work like Magic. They Give You Instant Results Without Any Effort!

The Truth: Now, it’s easy to see why people take steroids – to get bigger, stronger and faster. But steroids are no magic pills. For steroids to have any effect on you, you have to work really hard at the gym and elsewhere on your fitness. You should follow a healthy diet with lots of proteins and good fats and minimal carbs. Also, you have to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Don’t expect instant results with steroids – like every good thing in life, building a great body takes a lot of time and effort.


Myth: Steroids Lead to Depression

The Truth: Not at all! On the contrary, taking steroids such as testosterone improves your mood considerably, gives you the energy and motivation you need for your workouts at the gym and reduces your stress levels.


Myth: Steroids Make Women Masculine.

The Truth: There are some steroids that have certain side effects on women such as deepening of the voice, enlargement of the clitoris and unwanted hair growth. But once the steroid cycle is complete, such masculine characteristics are usually reversed. Also, there are a few steroids that are targeted specifically at women such as Anavar, which does not have the same sort of side effects. Women bodybuilders or athletes can take Anavar without worrying what could go wrong.


Myth: Steroids Lead to the Shrinking of the Male Sex Organ.

The Truth: If you’re worried that your penis will shrink after getting started on a steroid cycle, then fear not – that’s not going to happen. But your testicles could shrink though, in some cases. This condition is reversible and the testicles grow back to their normal size once the cycle is over.


Myth: Taking Steroids Leads to Lower Endurance.

The Truth: Far from it! As a matter of fact, taking steroids actually increases endurance as it is leads to a higher number of red blood cells. Why is this important? Red blood cells supply oxygen to all of the body’s tissues. When you have a high count of red blood cells in the bloodstream, you will have more energy and greater endurance.


Myth: People Who Take Steroids Have Anger Management Issues.

The Truth: There is a lot of propaganda spread by the media on this issue. This is based on certain studies which show that lab rats that were given steroids were more aggressive. Not true! There is no study or scientific research that states unequivocally that humans that took steroids became angrier or developed a high level of aggression. As a matter of fact, taking estrogen based foods or supplements leads to people developing a short fuse. Testosterone, which is the opposite of estrogen, actually makes you feel better about yourself, happier and more satisfied with your circumstances. 

Don’t believe all the misinformation or propaganda that the media spreads on steroids. Steroids have an important role to play in health and fitness. As long as you don’t resort to steroid abuse and restrict yourself to the recommended dosage, you should be fine.