NPP (nandrolone phenyl-propionate)
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NPP (nandrolone phenyl-propionate)

NPP is a relatively fresh product, and is believed to be among the few actively commercialised steroids that was created within the past ten years.

NPP means the chemical name: “nandrolone phenyl-propionate .” It’s frequently believed as the “brother” of Nandrolone Decanoate , and this is since they are both really similar in molecular construction, with the exclusion of another esters bonded to the molecule. (phenyl-prop v.s. deconate.)

Moreover, the compounds half-life is approximately 72 hrs, and as a result, there's frequently debate regarding the timing of NPP injection protocol.
Profits of NPP compared to Nandrolone Decanoate:

a.) Small to no water retention
b.) Instant lubrication of joints, and pain-relief to injection places.
c.) Fast working
d.) Compound clears system only a few days after secession of role; and doesn't leave you awful shut down for prolonged periods of time like nandrolone decanoate.
e.) Faster recovery of the HPTA after cycle

Downfalls of NPP equated to Nandrolone Decanoate:

a.) Frequently a need for more regular shots
b.) Sometimes  painful shots

1. “Can I use NPP for cutting?”

Yes. NPP is a good compound for cutting. It will allow minimum water retention, and stacks fine with prop. Moreover, since it lubricates the joints it gets excellent synergy with winstrol (if at a low BF), and eliminates winstrol’s biggest side affect – dry joints.

Regular NPP cutter:
(week 1–10) Prop at 75mg ED
(week 1–9) NPP at 75mg ED
(week 5–10) Winstrol at 50mg ED

When you apply Prop with NPP,  follow an “daily shot protocol”

2: “Can I use NPP for bulking (specially lean bulking??)”

YES! NPP is an fantabulous option for this kind of bulking. It is because: NPP will leave you with a fast 10 – 15 lbs within 10 weeks of use, till secession of the compound. Furthermore, as NPP is fast-acting, one will start to see the results from it inside 5 – 7 days of use.

Regular NPP bulker:
(week 1–14) Test-E at 600mg EW
(week 1–13) NPP at 525mg (each week) but EOD protocol
(week 9–16) Anavar at 70mg ED

On Bulk cycle you typically inject EOD

3: “Can I use NPP likewise to Nandrolone Decanoate for therapeutic profits?”

Yes. Frequently, doctor’s / HRT clinics will prescribe nandrolone decanoate at a low dosage of 100 – 250mg EW for they're therapeutic profits. Sooner or later NPP could  replace deca.

Regular NPP therapeutic cycle:

(week 1–10) Test-E at 200mg
(week 1–9) NPP at 200mg EW ( EOD protocol)

Keep the Testosterone at a low dose, maybe even a TRT dosage. Keep the NPP low, and break the shots up. 50mg x 4 shots/week = 4 shot places that feel astonishing, and good lubricated.

4: Can I shoot it every 3.5 days with my TRT dose?"

A: Yes. That's other benefit of NPP. The half live of the compound is short, simply barely long enough that it can be applied under this protocol.

Regular TRT + Therapeutic Cycle:

(week 1-10) Test-C at 100 - 250mg EW
(week 1-10) NPP at 100mg x 2 injections per week = ~ 200mg EW.

5: would like to use NPP as a kick-start for deca cycle... is that possible?"

A: Yes!  Use it the equal way you'd kick-start with prop on a Test-E cycle.

(week 1-12) Test-E at 500mg EW
(week 1-10) Deca at 500mg EW
(week 1-5) NPP at 75mg ED or 125mg EOD.

 Have a good one boys;
Thanks for reading.