HGH and Bodybuilding
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HGH and Bodybuilding


HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. HGH basically helps in rapidly building muscle, reducing body fat, increasing libido and in boasting energy level. The production of growth hormone in body is a natural process and it happens in the pituitary gland of the body. Just as the name implies, the growth hormone helps in the growth and regeneration of cells in human body. It plays a key role in sustaining healthy growth of tissues of all the vital organs including brain. Growth hormoneprovides increase in muscle mass and in bone density. Liver converts secreted GH into growth factor which is beneficial in boasting anabolic properties.



The level of human growth hormone rises during the puberty years and becomes at its peak at the age of 20, it then slowly decreases with age. However, the production of HGH doesn’t really cease to happen if one has a healthy pituitary gland. The synthesized HGH made by scientists in laboratories work as a drug which is used for enhancing the performance of the body. Since the first synthesized HGH was produced, the HGH therapy has become quite popular among older people specially those who have an HGH deficiency.



HGH and Older People


The deficiency of growth hormone can become a cause of many chronic diseases such as radiation, tumors or trauma which may result in such disturbance that harms crucial areas of the pituitary. This leads to some drastic health changes including cardiovascular growth and weight gain. A significant deficiency of HGH damages the immune system of the body and disturbs the cholesterol level. It causes arthritis, fatigue, diabetes, loss of muscle or hair and an abrupt increase in insulin resistance. These are the reasons most older people avail HGH to regain energy and health. Human growth hormone is rightfully proven to be beneficial for GH-deficient people.


HGH for Bodybuilders


Even though syntheticgrowth hormone was initially created to treat individuals with GH-deficiency but has become insanely popular bodybuilders and sports players. The reason of this popularity is easy to comprehend since HGH helps in building good muscle and losing fat at the same time.


To understand the impact of HGH on bodybuilders we can look at the ‘before HGH and after HGH’ profiles of various famous body builders.  The appearance of a person changes visibly because the muscle mass increases to a significant degree, decreasing the fat percentage simultaneously. Muscles of the person who takes in HGH become vascular and denser as a result. When GH is injected under the skin dermatologically, part of it goes to the bloodstream and gets secured or chained to somatropin receptors in fat tissue and muscle while wide-ranging amount of GH runs to liver. GH leaves its impact directly and indirectly on muscle and fat tissue through IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor- 1). IGF-1 is basically responsible for stimulating synthetic protein in the body.


HGH burns fat by increasing the level of free fatty acids and causing excess availability of fat as source of energy. This practice of inducing fat by means of energy can be understood by keeping in mind the phenomenon of losing fat without diet limitation.


Another bodybuilding related advantage of taking in HGH is ligaments and joints repair. GH and IGF-1 encourage the production of collagen. Collagen is a protein which helps in constituting the mass of ligaments, joints and bones.



Common HGH Cycle


The effects of HGH start appearing after almost 2 weeks but the prominent changes can be seen after 2 months, if HGH is being used every day. A common HGH cycle has a duration of 3 months. But, depending on the demands of a body builder and condition of the body, the duration of the cycle can be increased or decreased. The longer cycle is for slow muscle gain and can last up to 4 to 5 months whereas the shortercycle is for accelerating fat loss and preventing muscle from catabolism.


The best time for taking GH injection is in morning while fasting because growth hormone works efficiently when a person’s insulin and sugar level is low. This is due to the fact that insulin and GH effect fat tissue antagonistically. Therefore, it is recommended for body builders to do cardio if they are performing cutting.  This practice increases the efficiency of HGH to an extreme degree because HGH causes an increase in FFA level and energy will be taken from fat due to the intense aerobic workout. The next injection of GH should be taken after approximately 5-6 hours and special attention should be paid on the quantity of injection because both first and second injections must be equal in quantity for best results.


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Pros of HGH


Apparently, there are many advantages of HGH, a few of them are enlisted here.


·        HGH helps in bone generation and works tremendously well for healing bones.

·        In adults, HGH improves cardiovascular health.

·        HGH causes an impressive hair growth.

·        Improves the immune system of the body.

·        Increases energy level of a person with improved stamina and a betterment in optical vision.

·        HGH encourages cartilage development and protein production in the body.

·        HGH is also prescribed to cure medical issues, mainly for kidney failure and for children born with deficiencies. 


Cons of HGH


Here is an overview of disadvantages of HGH.


·        HGH may cause breast enlargement in men.

·        HGH is reported to have caused joint pain, fluid retention, high blood pressure and swelling in some people.

·        When HGH is injected to older people who are more than 65 years in age, it may not control the cholesterol level to an admirable extent.

·        HGH causes sudden hunger attack and may also become a source of Hypoglycemia.


In today’s world, there are many sources which help in uplifting the level of growth hormone naturally including a balanced nutritious diet, a healthy lifestyle and proper sleeping pattern. However, the fastest method is to directly inject human growth hormone. If the artificial HGH is properly introduced into the body, it lands several advantages. But before going for HGH, one should always look at both the pictures and weigh down the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment. 



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