Can steroids change women’s sexual organ?
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Can steroids change women’s sexual organ?

Unlike common belief, it is not testosterone or estrogen decides gender. Women also produce testosterone in their ovaries, adrenal glands, and fat cells. What determines gender? It is the dominance of one or another hormone.

Women produce ten times less testosterone than men. Estrogen dominates the female body.

So you want to gain strength, reduce body fat, get in shape? Here are a few things that women must understand before using steroids.

Steroids are safe for women if appropriately used. Slight and temporary changes in sexual organs may occur. These changes become irreversible only in those hooked to steroids, who do not use PCT (post cycle therapy). Those who take steroids more aggressively and at high doses.

Physical effects of high dose testosterone or other steroids are more pronounced than psychological. Gender behavior develops under the influence of sex hormones at a young age. When exposed to them at a later period, these hormones would affect mood, but not sexual choices.

It is worth knowing that synthetic steroids differ from testosterone, some of them are safer in comparison.

Testosterone has one to one ratio of androgenic properties and anabolic properties. However, women-friendly steroids have lower androgenic effect in comparison to anabolic effect.

Frienldy steroids

Three women-friendly steroids are:

Steroids to avoid

The steroid that women should avoid are:

Nonetheless, some women are genetically more sensitive to androgenic effects of steroids. Such women may develop changes in the sexual organs. Many of them may see an increase in the size of the clitoris. Few may see growth in the body or facial hair. Whereas, others may develop male pattern baldness. Oily skin is another frequent issue.

Steroids would not affect sexual choices, but they can influence sexual behavior. Some women may become more aggressive, while others may feel depressed.

Apart from changes in sexual organs and mood, women may also see variations in periods and fertility. Ovulation may become irregular.

How can women prevent adverse effects from steroids?

There is no need to worry, as not all women would get adverse effects. Especially, if steroids are chosen carefully. Used in a proper way.

To minimize the risk of side effects, start with lower doses. Choose steroids that have a minimum androgenic effect. Use them in cycles. Avoid stacking at least in the beginning. Most importantly learn about the PCT (post cycle therapy). PCT may help cleanse the body, reverse the side effects.

PCT for women is as important as taking the steroids. It can ensure that no changes occur in sexual organs.

Women also need to realize the importance of non-pharmacological ways of reducing the side effects of steroids. Use supplements, increase cardio workouts when on steroids, and drink plenty of water. Use these methods religiously.


To conclude, side effects with steroids may occur in women. They may see changes in sexual organs. However, changes are reversible at their early stages. Start using steroids only after understanding the importance of PCT. Individual differences are enormous, thus how much changes would occur is unpredictable.