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1st Cycle

1st Cycle

Inject the test-e 2 times a week Sunday Morning 250mg and Wednesday night 250mg
The Dbol is optional ! ! ! Split in two doses. One Preworkout and one 12hours later.
HCG- 2 injections per week (250iu each).

Dont use the same syringe as for the test.

WANT TO START YOUR FIRST CYCLE AND YOU DONT KNOW THE BASICS? CHECK THIS ARTICLE: https://www.buylegitgear.com/blog-1stcycle.html

You will receive:

2x Testosterone Enanthate injection, Genesis= 110 USD
1x Methandienone tablets, Genesis= 34 USD
1x HCG Ovigil= 35 USD
1x Tamoxifen (Nolvadex), Genesis= 47 USD
1x Clomid, Genesis= 49 USD

TOTAL with discount= 220 USD +shipping

Manufacturer: Genesis

Your price: 220.00 USD